Tarot Readings & Coaching


Would you like to get some answers to life's questions?
Do you need directions to find your path?
The Tarot can help with insightful messages, showing the way forward

Astrid Jordan

Astrid Jordan
Tarot cards

What does a reading look like?

A Tarot reading is a conversation between you and the cards, with me as the translator.

It is no different than having a chat with a good friend. A friend with a lot of insight and wisdom.

You can ask a question and the cards will show you where you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and the expected outcome if you choose to follow the advice and take the opportunities along the way.

If you have no questions, the cards will pick up what is important in your life right now and focus on the possible outcomes

What can the Tarot do for me?

There are spreads to suit every situation.

Tarot can be used for personal insights and reflection, decision-making, spiritual guidance, creativity and inspiration and to explore our relationships.

Tarot is not meant to tell you your future or make predictions. Only to show you your best options and potential outcomes, but you have free will and are always in charge of your own life!

Tarot Card

Does Tarot 'work' online?

Very much so! 

Universal energy doesn’t know distance and my intuition works just the same in person as via a screen.

So, are you ready to take your future into your own hands and get the clarity and guidance to do so?