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Astrid Jordan

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Tarot cards


Let the Tarot guide you and find answers to life’s questions

Would you like to get some answers to life’s questions?

Do you need directions to find your path?

The Tarot can help with insightful messages, showing the way forward

Animal Communication

Animal Communication

An unique opportunity to connect with your pets – past or present

Nothing is more heartwarming than to see people smile when they hear what their fur or feather baby has to say, sometimes from beyond Rainbow Bridge.

It would be my greatest pleasure to do the same for you!

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Your journey to transform

Transform Your Life with Hypnosis and NLP: 

Uncover Inner Strength, Overcome Challenges, and Achieve Your Full Potential.

“The unconscious mind is a treasure trove of solutions waiting to be unlocked”

Milton H. Erickson
Astrid Jordan
Richard Knight

About Me

Astrid Jordan

Helping others has been a thread running through my whole life; bringing home injured birds or lost dogs as a child to practising energy healing, kinesiology, animal communication, Hypnosis and NLP as I got older.

I was always drawn to the Tarot and it wasn’t until my children had grown up that I started to understand the healing power Tarot has in helping people. I needed this to be more than a passing interest – I needed to share this magic with others.

With a lifetime of personal experience to draw on and having studied with one of the greatest Tarot readers and psychics, Richard Knight, I would be honoured to help you find answers to your questions with the help of the Tarot.

My passion for animals and their welfare have shaped a solid foundation for my role as an Animal Communicator. After nearly 2 decades I not only help many people get in touch with their pets the conventional way, but also use the magic of Tarot to get to a whole new level of communication.

With so many people silently carrying the burden of modern life, and suffering the many effects it has on their health and wellbeing, it is a priviledge to enable people to overcome these challenges and reach their full potential with the help of Hypnotherapy and NLP

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