Tarot Readings & Coaching

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Hypnotherapy/NLP Animal Communication


Essential Tarot

One question answered in a dedicated spread suited to your subject. 


Around 30-40 minutes
Comprehensive Tarot

Extensive Tarot

Have several areas of your life looked at in a more extensive and very in-depth reading.

Around an hour
Tarot Party

Tarot Parties

Get together with friends and have a reading each while everyone has a nice time socialising.

Around 20-30 minutes per reading
£35 pp, minimum 4 guests, host free

Animal Communication

Get in touch with your beloved companions, passed or present

Around an hour

You & your best friend

A Tarot reading for you and an Animal Communication session for your pet.

Around 1.5 hour
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& More

Readings for every guest at your event or celebration

Please call to discuss
Please call to discuss
Astrid Jordan

Tarot Coaching

Transforming your life with the Tarot as a form of Coaching is a most wonderful way to get in touch with your inner blocks and patterns. These sessions focus on ways to clear these and to move forward

Talk to your Pet - passed or present

Nothing is more heartwarming and rewarding than to see the relief and love on someone’s face when I pass on messages from their beloved companions.

Give yourself this gift of connecting in a very intimate and loving way with your best friend.

animal communication