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Animal Communication

Animal Communication is the most wonderful way to be in direct contact with your pet’s thoughts and feelings—no words needed.

Through intuition and my ‘silent’ mind, I will talk to your beloved friend on your behalf and pass on messages back and forth


Animal Communication
Animal Communication

Why would I want a session?

How often do you wish you had a second chance talking to your best friend who’s passed on, and ask him or her how they are doing?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out what your cat has to say to you or what your dog would love you to know most of all?

I will ask questions on your behalf or quietly listen what they want to pass on to you.

How does it work?

Animals communicate with us at all times, but instead of words, they use energy.

Like in healing or Tarot, this energy needs to be ‘translated’ and that is a gift I have used and fine tuned since I was a child.

Feel free to book a discovery call to find out more about what I can do for you and your companion

Animal Communication